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About Me

Hello again! Thanks for stopping by. As you may have already seen, my name's Brayden Royston.

I'm a university student currently studying at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University completing a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Business Adminsitration.

I'm a huge fan of new technology, software development, and finance. In my spare time you'll probably find me competing at case competitions and hackathons, developing cool projects, or trying to beat the market. Beyond that I'm really into sports and athletics, some of my favourite activites are running, badminton, and volleyball!

I just finished a co-op term working as a DevOps Consultant at Innovapost, gaining hands-on experience with cloud technologies as well as general DevOps and Consulting practices. I'm currently on the search for an awesome job for the Winter 2021 season!


1st Place at the Fidelity x Xlerate Case Competition
A case competition hosted by Fidelity and Xlerate that involved creating a new approach to attracting millennials to investing. Competing against more than 50 teams, my team and I designed a new marketing strategy and created custom ETFs that catered to millennials' interests. We placed 1st and claimed a $4000 dollar prize!

2nd Place at the HP Live Case Competition
During the HP Live Case which was participated in by all first year students in Wilfrid Laurier's business programs, HP challenged us to innovate within the world of printing to attract Gen-Z's. My team and I designed "SmartFax", an IOT technology that allows one to "smart-fax" documents to their friends anywhere in the world. After moving on through two preliminary rounds, my team finished second and received a $2600 scholarship.

3rd Place at Microsoft x LMC Case Competition
Hosted by Microsoft and the Lazaridis Marketing Club, at this case competition Microsoft challenged students to come up with a marketing plan for their upcoming product, Microsoft Teams. My team and I came up with a plan that involved rewarding students who showcased how they used Teams throughout the school year with scholarship prizes, securing 3rd Place at the competition and a $500 cash prize.

UBank - 3rd Place out of 92 Teams at Hack the 6ix
At Hack the 6ix, my team and I created UBank - software that supports transfers, bill payments, and even personal stock portfolio management all via SMS. The purpose of this software is to help those in underdeveloped countries who do not have access to traditional banking services accomplish all of their financial goals. This project was created with Twillio and NodeJS for the SMS system, Firebase for our backend database, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the front-end.

Glide - An Education Tech Venture
In a world where distractions are ever present, students need a way to stay focused and productive in school, especially while in quarantine. Glide is a platform that aims to accomplish just that by integrating Agile Methodologies into the education sector. The app features a gamified reward system combined with a Kanban board and analytical tools for teachers. My team and I created a business model and web app for Glide, which is set to launch in September.

CrimeSeen - Top 10 Project at YorkU Hacks
At YorkU Hacks my team and I created a service that analyzes crime data in municipal districts within the GTA using a Python algorithm, then integrates said data as well as a crime-rating into the UI of Google Maps. This allows citizens to navigate through their travels and daily commutes while avoiding areas with high crime densities.

chemCheck - Mentor's Choice Project at StarterHacks
At StarterHacks, my team and I designed a platform that allows companies to analyze the environmental impacts of all manufacturing processes within their supply chain and find viable alternatives easily. We created a WebApp to convey this info, connecting the front-end to all the relevant data it needed using Firebase.

3rd Place at the LazICC Local Case Competition
In a case competition hosted by Foresters Financial and LazICC Local with over 30 teams competing, Foresters challenged students to come up with an innovative plan to help its insurance clients stay healthy and live longer, happier lives. My teamates and I designed and pitched "Dr. O", and interactive chatbot that tracked users physical activity and well-being, rewarding them with insurance discounts as they improved their lifestyle. My team and I placed 3rd, securing a $250 scholarship.

University of Waterloo MathSoc - Council CS Representative
The University of Waterloo Mathematics Society is a group that represents the interests of all mathematics students at UW. We advocate to faculty on behalf of students in order to bring their issues forward on topics such as diversity and inclusion on campus, online testing, and UW Covid safety.

JDCC Laurier Academic Delegate - Entrepreneurship
For the 2020/2021 season I'll be competing on Laurier's JDCC competitive case competition team as an academic delegate in the entrepreurship track. As an academic delegate, I'll be training 15 hours a week until our competition in January 2021 where my team and I will compete against JDCC teams from all over Central Canada and tackle a 3 hour case related to Entrepreneurship.

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